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Transportation / Trucking Division

Fleet Service of Tulsa's Trucking/Transportation Division is a vital component of the company's operations. With the ability to pick up diesel equipment for repair and oilfield equipment for repair, this division ensures that customers' equipment is transported safely and efficiently to the Fleet Service of Tulsa facility. The transportation team is experienced in handling heavy machinery, and their expertise ensures that the equipment is transported without damage, minimizing downtime for the customer.

fleet service of tulsa's truck transporting trucks

In the Lower 48 States

The Trucking/Transportation Division at Fleet Service of Tulsa provides a wide range of services, including long-distance transportation across the lower 48 states. This service is particularly important for customers in the oil and gas industry, as it allows them to transport their equipment to Fleet Service of Tulsa's facility for repair, regardless of their location. With the ability to transport equipment over long distances, the division has become a trusted partner for many businesses in the region, providing reliable transportation services that meet their needs.

truck transporting trucks

Commitment to Safety, Reliability, and Professionalism

Fleet Service of Tulsa's Trucking/Transportation Division has established a reputation for delivering exceptional service to its customers. Their commitment to safety, reliability, and professionalism has earned the trust of customers in the region, and they continue to expand their services to meet the changing needs of the industry. Whether customers need to transport equipment locally or over long distances, the team at Fleet Service of Tulsa's Trucking/Transportation Division is ready to provide them with the transportation services they need.


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