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Fleet Service of Tulsa has the capacity for complete and partial rebuilds of existing Customer equipment. Remanufacturing encompasses re-designing or replacement of existing systems. These systems can include hydraulic, electrical and control designs.

Fracturing / Stimulation

Remanufactured Blenders

  • Truck Chassis/Trailer/Skid Mount
  • Onshore/Offshore applications
  • 25 BPM to 150 BPM Range
  • 4 M3/Min to 24 M3/Min Range

Custom Designs, Custom Designed Frac Pumps Available

  • Marine Application - Heat Exchanger Cooled
  • Allison / Twin Disc / CAT Transmissions
  • 3000 Horsepower
  • Quintuplex or Triplex Pump
  • 850 - 3000 HP Pump Units
  • Onshore / Offshore operations
  • Truck Chassis/Trailer/Skid Mount

Remanufactured Data Vans

Cementing / Acidizing

Fleet Service of Tulsa can custom designed cementing equipment during the rebuild process, may be truck chassis/trailer/skid mounted, single/twin pumps for onshore/offshore use. Fleet Service of Tulsa Remanufactured cementing equipment will be packaged to meet customer preferences for mixing systems (recirculation, automatic/manual, low pressure, batch), pump manufacturer and engine packages. Control systems include analog, digital and automated systems, DAS Systems are available. Control cab or unit mounted control panel. Custom Acidizing features available.

Cement Mixing Systems Include:

  • Automatic/Manual Recirculation
  • Low Pressure
  • Batch Mixing
  • Truck Chassis/Trailer/Skid Mounted
  • Onshore/Offshore Use
  • Single or Twin Pumping Units
  • Analog/Digital Controls
  • DAS Systems
fleet service cementer remanufacturing

Double Fluid Pumper

Fleet Service of Tulsa custom Redesigned double pumper can be Remanufactured to meet Customers horsepower requirements. Optional components include digital / wireless controls, stainless steel piping, stainless steel mixing / holding tank, climate controlled operators cabin, Customer specified pump manufacturer, quintuplex or triplex pump and engine manufacturer.

Non-Fired Remanufactured Nitrogen Equipment Trailers & Skids

  • System designed up to15,000 PSI (103 mPa)
  • Flows up to 360K SCFH (170 m3/min)
  • Non Fired Trailer units
  • LN2 tanks up to 4,000 gallons (15 m3)
  • Climate controlled cabin or side mounted control panel

Direct Fired Nitrogen Equipment

  • Custom built Direct Fired Trailer, Chassis and Skid mounted units
  • System designed for 15,000 PSI (103 mPa)
  • Flows up to 1.5 mm SCFH (700 m3/min)
  • Up to 3,000 gallon (11.3 m3) storage tank
  • Climate controlled cabin or side mounted control panel
  • Triplex or Quintuplex

Compression Rebuilds

Engine / electric motor driven compressors can be found operating in power plant, methane, propane, propylene, off-gas, refinery gas, coal bed methane, CO2 production and injection, wellhead, gas gathering, vapor recovery, stabilizer overhead, syngas, and a host of other gas compression applications.

  • FSoT offers full Rebuilt packages to exactly match specific project requirements
  • High quality gas engine/electric motor driven packages from 50HP to 7500HP

New and Rebuilt Power Units

Fleet Service of Tulsa delivers custom designed power units for land and offshore applications. These power units can be configured to meet Customer requirements for engines, transmissions cooling systems and footprint. Hydraulic power Packs are also available for shipment all over the world.

Drilling & Well Service Equipment

  • Custom designed drilling & well service equipment
  • Fire Pumps
  • Land and offshore
  • Full engine instrumentation
  • Full range of horsepower


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