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Oilfield Equipment Testing & Remanufacturing

Get Your Equipment Back in the Field Fast

There’s nothing more disruptive to your operation than malfunctioning or damaged oilfield machinery. After tens of thousands of repairs over the years, we understand the vital importance of keeping your fleet online and moving forward.


Oilfield Equipment Testing & Remanufacturing

As one of our original core offerings, Fleet Service of Tulsa's oilfield testing and repair has serviced countless units that are still running smoothly all around the world. Our East Campus is focused on oilfield equipment services providing ample space to test and repair numerous units at one time. Fleet Service of Tulsa has the capability to remanufacture your complete line of oilfield equipment and can rebuild engines, transmissions, generators, and all components of individual units of equipment, as well as manufacture one-off specialized components to meet state and federal regulations where oilfield and gas compression equipment is put into service.

All of the repairs and rebuilds listed below include customer-requested engineering upgrades to control systems, emission reduction devices, safety equipment, and foreign country specific requirements.

las oilfield trailer

LAS Oilfield Trailer


Hydraulics Highlights

Given that our expansive testing facilities are all indoors, we can conduct tests and repairs on your hydraulic equipment around the clock, all year long. In fact, one of our key hydraulic testing features is that we test up to 15,000 psi compared to the industry-standard threshold of 10,000 psi - the only other place you’re getting pressure testing at that level is at the bottom of the well bore.

Our oilfield equipment testing & repair services include:

Fracturing Trucks

Fracturing Pumps



Coiled Tubing Units

Chemical Additive Units

Skids and Trailers

Hydration Units


Sand Conveyors

Custom Equipment


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