fleet service testing center

Testing Department

From simple mechanical issues to complex electrical ones, our staff is fully trained to meet our customers needs. Not only do we focus on engines and pump systems, but we have a large focus on electrical issues as well.


Process Controls

Process controls are a large focus of our electrical department. It starts with troubleshooting to ensure we are focusing on the right area of need. We end our process with a solutions oriented approach. As a customer of Fleet Service of Tulsa, you can count on our trained team to keep thorough records regarding your systems. With over 50 years of process control experience, our electrical department is focused on solving our clients electrical issues to their highest satisfaction.

dashboard computer system fleet service of tulsa


Dashboard to testing software, showing multiple testing types. This software was developed internally, for the specialized and unique needs of our testing.

Testing Program

Sample screen of actual testing program along with inputs such as pressure, temperature, flow, speed, and hydraulic horse power. These can all be read through our internal developed software

testing program fleet services of tulsa

junction box wiring fleet service of tulsa

Example Work

Junction box with wiring and flow meters. One of the many we work on daily

Data Acquisition Box

Data acquisition box with a programmable logic controller. This is used to support the troubleshooting of our customers process control/electrical needs.

fleet service of tulsa data acquisition box


Customer service is a priority for Fleet Service of Tulsa
and we will promptly get back with you.

    A Message from Fleet Service of Tulsa

    We wanted to let you know a few things we are doing to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

    Beginning, Friday, March 20th – we will be splitting our work between our two locations. 

    If you currently work with Billy and Chris – they will continue to serve you at 15855 E Pine St.  

    If you currently work with Jesse and John – they will be moving to 17221 E Pine St. 

    You can still reach any of us at (918) 437-2077. 
    We are following all guidance from health officials regarding enhanced cleaning and hygiene  and instructing all employees to stay home if they feel ill.  We are taking extra measures to disinfect units that are coming in and before they leave. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you during this time.  Please let us know how we can assist you!